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The Rose Garden (Suan Sampran)

The Rose Garden (Suan Sampran)

Rose Garden is regarded as a heaven on earth because here in just one place, possibly includes everything one ever wants for holidays. There are eight Thai teak houses, a shooting gallery, an 18-hole golf course, lovely botanical gardens, and broad woodland. A long list of activities awaits all visitors, such as paddling boats across the lake, watching Thai cultural shows, admiring lotus farms and an organic fruit and vegetable plantation. Do not miss the opportunity to try fresh coconut juice, freshly picked seasonal fruits, and a variety of herbal teas. The attraction opens on weekends (except national holidays). If staying at the Rose Garden resort, you can offer food to monks who row along the river every morning.

The Rose Garden is 32 kilometers along Petch Kasem Road, Nakhon Chaisri sub district, Nakhon Chaisri district, Nakhon Pathom.

Visit Sukjai market - an alternative marketplace for health and environment conscious consumers. It is considered a hub for top-grade organic vegetable and fruits.

It is also recommended to visit the authentic shop house bistro called Tik Pochana in Nakhon Chaisri district. The suggested dishes are crispy prawn rolls, fried snakehead fish with fish sauce, steamed seafood puddings, king prawns and a lot more. The locals say this bistro makes a very good job of even a simple dish like omelet.