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The Flower offering tradition, Saraburi

The Flower offering tradition, Saraburi

Flower offering is the tradition that reminds Buddhists that an important religious event is about to arrive. It is believed that whoever offers flowers to the monks will receive many blessings. This tradition is key to the identity of Amphur Praputtabat. It is held annually at Praputtabat Ratchaworamahaviharn temple during the first day of the Buddhist Lent. The ceremony is held in the afternoon of that day. The parade takes the Buddha image and asks for alms (flowers) along the way. The parade congregates back at the temple in order to pray and welcome the Buddhist Lent.

People offer globba (flowers that bloom during Buddhist Lent) more than any other flowers. The villagers collect them from the mountain in the morning then offer them to the monks in the afternoon. There are various colors such as yellow, white and rare purple like color. It is believed that whoever offers the purple globba will receive more blessing than those who offer other colors. After offering the flowers, the villagers will also go to worship the Buddha statue in the temple. It is believed that whoever comes to worship this Buddha statue seven times will go to Tavatimsa Heaven after their death.


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Tips before travelling

Apart from the flower offering tradition, Pootabat temple also worships the Buddha’s footprint during February and March.

For more information, contact the Tourism Authority of Thailand area 7 tel: 036-422-768-9.