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Thai Dessert Museum, Samut Songkram

Thai Dessert Museum, Samut Songkram

The sweetest museum of Thailand, Thai Dessert Museum is a paradise for those with sweet tooth. History and recipes of the long-renowned traditional Thai desserts are put to display here in Amphawa, with examples so genuine and tantalizing that you will find yourself drooling over the fake desserts. The exhibition manifests, apart from the sophisticated cuisine and eating culture of Thai people reflecting from the delicacy and imaginative creation of local ingredients, the abundance and richness of Thai food. Traditional Thai dessert is just only one representative of the refined culture of long-standing Thai cuisine.

Thai Dessert Museum is an interactive experience with activities and lecture for people to participate, observe, try, and learn first-handedly. Be enlightened with the amazing detail of the world-famous recipes from ingredients to techniques and decoration. Try the original delicacy of true Thai sweet that will remind you of the past and the value of Thai history.