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Tha Pom

Tha Pom

Tha Pom, the stream of two currents, is situated at Khao Khram sub district, Muang district. Tha Pom is an ecological learning centre providing knowledge about subterranean water and amphibian plants. The special feature of this two-current stream is that from the 12th day of waxing moon to the 5th day of waning moon, there is a massive influx of seawater into Tha Pom and neighbouring riverside pavilion. It is a natural phenomenon known among locals as Nam Yai. It mixes with freshwater in the stream resulting in a light blue colour of brackish water that remains muddy for not too long. After the tide of seawater drops, the clear freshwater flows in. Such clarity is due to its origin from limestone mountains full of Calcium Carbonate which potentially precipitates sediments. Once the water flows through the limestone, this chemical substance dissolves and causes a sedimentation effect. Consequently, the water becomes so clear that fish and aquatic plants can be seen very easily.

This stream of two currents is located at Ban Nong Jik, Moo 2, Khao Khram sub district which is approximately thirty kilometres from Krabi. To get there, drive along state Highway no.4 (Krabi to Ao Luek) until you reach the 127th kilometre post. Then make a turn to Pa Pru – Tha Pom Road that heads to Ban Nong Jik. Once you pass Nong Jik temple, keep going towards the road’s end at the peat swamp forest of Tha Pom, the stream of two currents. The entrance to the nature study trail requires tourists to walk along the arranged wooden bridge. This peat swamp forest is open to tourists all year round. However, the best time to visit is during the lower tide season, as most details of aquatic life are visible, even when looking from the wooden bridge.

To reserve group admission in advance to get a tour guide for assistance and information about the ecosystem in this stream of two currents, please contact Khao Khram District Administration Organization by calling 075-694-165.