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Talay Wak

Talay Wak

The coastline around Krabi is a hundred kilometers long and contains 132 islands. Nang Bay is probably the most visited area. It is only eight kilometers from Nang Bay to the Por Da group of islands where tourists can see the Talay Wak (separated sea).

Boats from Nang Bay to Por Da start from 8.30 am. Rai Lay Bay is the first stop. Rai Lay Bay is part of Nang Bay beach and is only accessible by boat. This bay has a narrow cape that extends into the sea separated by limestone cliffs which divides the island into the east and west side.

The west side of Rai Lay Bay has a beach that extends to Ton Sai Bay. The adventurous can also choose to climb the cliff. You can also walk through to the east side of Rai Lay Bay and Tum Pra Nang beach.

Tum Pranang beach at the end of Rai Lay Bay is beautiful. It is 400 meters long. On the south of this beach is where the Pra Nang shrine is located and there is a path to walk through to the east side of Rai Lay Bay.

Before noon, the boat will take trippers to see the amazing separated sea at Koh Kai-Koh Tub-Koh Mor, all three islands are the satellite islands of the Por Da group islands. These three islands are laid into a figure that looks like a triangle. Koh Kai has a limestone bar at the south of the island that looks like a hen. During the ebb tide, the area in the middle of Koh Kai-Koh Tub-Koh Mor appears a white sand dune named Talay Wak. Check when it is the ebb tide if you wish to see the dune.

At noon, the boat will take the group to have lunch at Porda island which is the biggest of the Por Da group and situated in the south of Nang Bay. From the north to the south of the island, many pine trees make the island shady. Visitors will hear and see long-tailed macaques since there are a lot on this island.

The north of the island has a sloping beach with a rock island in the middle of the sea, which is a very popular location to take pictures. If tourists walk to the east and the south, they will be able to see the view of Koh Kai and the beautiful separated sea of Talay Wak.