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Talay Kao Kob Cave, Trang

Talay Kao Kob Cave, Trang

Lay Kao Kob cave, originally called Talay Kao Kob cave is situated in a limestone mountain which consists of many small caves, both explored and unexplored. The water is originally from Bantad Mountain and flows down to the cave which has a length of four kilometers.

Lay Kao Kob cave is considered the most beautiful cave in Thailand because of not only the nature outside but also because of what is found inside the cave.

The trip begins at the entrance office where are moored many paddle boats. Tourists can hire a boat with a guide at the center. One boat can contain six people. If the group has more than seven people, tourists will have to hire the whole barge.The journey through the cave is entirely by manpower, there are no motorized craft at all. The atmosphere inside each cave is quite beautiful. There is also electricity inside each cave so no flashlight is required.

The air inside is very clear not cramped like other caves in Thailand as there are seven entrances. There are many interesting caves in this area such as Kon Tun cave where there is a big area filled with many stalagmites with dewdrops on the edge which look like thousands of coffee straws attached on the ceiling. The dewdrops consisted of calcium carbonate which makes the stalagmites grow longer in each day. The cave is like the body of a dragon and as you get deeper inside the roof comes down lower and lower until visitors have to lie down whilst the boat continues through the caverns.

Other beautiful caves at Lay Kao Kob is Thong Pra Rong Cave and Rak Sai Cave which also have stalagmites that look like beautiful curtains hanging down from the ceiling. The cruising trip inside this cave will take around one to two hours.

Even though a paddleboat is required for a trip to this cave, it is still convenient to visit. Apart from full serviced shops and restaurants at the entrance of the cave, there is also a tourist center managed by Kao Kob Sub district Administration Organization.

How to get there

Lay Kao Kob Cave is located at Amphur Huay Yord Trang province. The cave is seven kilometers from the district office. Visitors can travel directly from the city of Trang using Highway 4 (Trang-Huayyord) passing Amphur Huayyord for around seven kilometers and passing the left intersection for around 700 meters and they will arrive at the cave. It is open for visits all year.