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Talard Nam See Park (4-region water market)

Talard Nam See Park (4-region water market)

Explore the water market in a fun day trip at Talard Nam See Park

Talard Nam See Park is located in Pattaya. In one day, tourists can experience foods from four regions of Thailand since this market combines them all here. Agricultural products, handicrafts products and many kinds of food are sold on both sides of the river. At Talard Nam See Park, they have created a floating market of the past highlighting the four regions in Thailand in order to let tourists see the culture and way of livings of Thai people bound tightly with the river. The attraction offers a floating market during the day and a shopping bazaar at night. In addition, visitors can also see the beauty of Thai house styles of the past. There are also shows and demonstrations for to see such as rice planting, textile weaving and how to cook Thai desserts. There are boat cruises to see the beautiful scenery along both sides of the bank.


Pattaya is popular for seafood. There is a lot of fresh seafood served at the Preecha restaurant and See Nuan restaurant.


- Talard Nam See Park is located on the Pattaya-Sattaheeb road. Open daily from 10 am-12pm free admission.

- There are shows from the four regions every weekend.