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Sukothai Historical Park

Sukothai Historical Park

Sukothai Historical Park

The 70 square Kilometers of Sukothai Historical Park or “Muang Kao” (called locally) is full of the remains of the civilization that developed during the Sukothai era (founded 1238). Sukothai used to be the capital of Thailand, nowadays it is known as a popular tourists stop. Sukothai province was designated a World Heritage site in 1991.

Sukothai is an historical city closely linked to Sri Satchanalai; it is a city of beautiful and unique arts. Ruins of the royal palaces, Buddhist temples, Buddha sculptures, the city gates, walls, and other interesting remains of Thailand’s first kingdom can be seen.

The old city is rectangular 1,400 x 1,810 meters with four city gates and surrounded by three walls, separated by 20 meters of canal. Even though the Sukothai Historical Park is very big, the places inside are not very far apart.

Ramkhamhaeng National Museum

is a place that tourists should not miss. The museum displays basic knowledge about the Sukothai National Park and background information about the Sukothai kingdom. There are many antiques such as striking Sukothai sculpture, chinaware and statues. All of the remains show the prosperity of the Sukothai Kingdom. Most of the antiques were discovered during the restoration of Sukothai, others were recovered from nearby cities such as Srisatchanalai, Kampaengpetch, Petchaboon and Pijit.

The ancient remains in Sukothai Historical Park are divided into two groups; the remains in the inner city and those in the outer city. There are 126 sites in Sukothai some of them still in good condition and others are in complete ruins. Therefore, before going to Sukothai, visitors should study some basic information about the site in order not to miss any important places.

The inner city (Muang Chan Nai)

Here is the royal palace of the king and some fine temples. It is the heart of the city and is still used today.

The northern inner zone

In the northern part of the inner city, are many interesting places that are not as crowded as the inner city. There are plans that show where each attraction is situated. Many places such as Pra Ajana, Srichoom temple are well known to history lovers.

The southern outer zone

The interesting places in this area are Chaetupon temple and Chedi See Hong temple that are located opposite each other. Both temples have beautiful sculptures that are worth a visit.

The western outer zone

The attraction in this area is Sapan Hin temple.

The eastern outer zone

If you drive from Amphur Muang, you will arrive at this area before the inner city but when compared to other areas, this area is not as popular to visit.

Open daily from 8.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.

10 baht entrance fee for Thai people, 30 baht entrance fee for foreigners. These costs exclude the entrance fee for each place inside. However, there are also package tickets, 30 baht for Thai people and 150 baht for foreigners. Tourist information of Sukothai Historical Park, Tambol Muang Kao, Amphur Muang, Sukothai 64220 Tel: 0-5569-7627, 0-5569-7310