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Sichang Island

Sichang Island

It is believed that the fresh and uncontaminated air at Sichang Island is second to none, compared to that of other tourist attractions in Thailand. Sichang Island has become one of the vacation sites near Bangkok that you cannot help falling for whilst visiting.

Only half an hour away from Loy Island lays the bustling Devawong pier where a large variety of public service vehicles are available. In case you are uncertain about the choice of travel, we would like to recommend a reliable skylab car. Not only because of its reasonable price, but also the driver is quite likely to be your unofficial tour guide.

At a quick glance the skylab cars to Sichang Island are similar to ‘tuk-tuks’ for passengers around Rattana Kosin Island though unlike typical tricycles, they are much bigger and driven by exactly the same motor as of a formidable big bike. Additionally, they come with broad rear seats.

The first must-do activity in Sichang is paying respects to Chao Pho Khao Yai shrine, a sacred place amongst the locals. Later, the skylap will drop tourists at the royal summerhouse of King Rama V ‘Phra Chuthathut Palace’ that is one of the must-see places here. A trip to Sichang without taking photos of the white colonial style overwater pavilion is as though you have not yet made your way to the island.

The landscape of Sichang is embellished – according to the decoration of palaces in western countries – with flower gardens, ponds, streams, fountains and cliffs. There were originally four palaces, fourteen mansions and a pavilion, but nowadays only the three buildings of Aasai Sathan and very few mansions remain. These include Munthatu Rattanaroj Residence that was dismantled and reassembled as Vimanmek Mansion in Dusit Palace, Bangkok.

The three auxiliary buildings of Aasai Sathan; the Phong Sri, the Wattana and the Abhirom – named after the concubines of King Rama V – were transformed into a museum providing vistor information about the palace complex and the island. Located nearby is the hall of Assadangkanimitra temple, the only white temple hall in this area. Built in Gothic architectural style and covered by a spherical pagoda with glass lotus base, it awaits worshippers.

One more attraction on Sichang Ialand is Tha Wang beach. A green beachfront wooden house has become a lovely café for tourists to stop by. You may wish to order a glass of iced latte coffee to quench the thirst whilst reading your favorite book. Or you can just simply sit back and enjoy the waves crashing into the white sandy shore. This location is very impressive and worth taking photos.

To take in every aspect of Sichang, do not miss the sunset at Chong Khao Khat. The place was once the royal sightseeing pavilion of King Rama V. It occupies a broad area and there are scenic points for photographing along the walking trail on the cliff. It is also the perfect meeting point for tourists, couples and anglers to spend time at early evenings.