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Antiques:While the term “antique” generally refers only to goods more than a century old, the term is used a bit more casually in Thailand. When shopping in Thailand, visitors should be aware that while there are some excellent, genuine antiques, there are also many replica antiques both surreptitiously passed off as the real things and honestly made for the purpose of seeming antique. It should be known that a genuine Thai antique requires permission from the Department of Fine Arts prior to export out of Thailand, though reputable Thai antique dealers can assist with the paperwork.Thai, Burmese, Khmer, and Chinese antiques are commonly found in Thai antique shops, typically located in Bangkok, particularly around the River City Shopping Complex on New Road. There are monthly Thai antique auctions held at River City on the first Saturday of every month. For additional information about the restrictions regarding the export of Thai antiques, contact the Thailand Antique Art Business Division (Tel: 66(0)2-224-1370) of the Fine Arts Department.