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Senior Transportation

There is an embarrassment of riches in the transport department in Thailand.  From the famous 3-wheeled motorized tuk-tuks to motorcycle “taxis”; from trains, planes, and buses to long-tailed boats, bamboo rafts, and elephants; from standard taxis to the Skytrain and the subway, the choice is yours.

Seniors should, however, choose their mode of transport carefully.  Motorcycle taxis can provide an exciting, hair-raising experience, but weaving in and out of traffic is not especially safe – or advised.  Instead, when in the major cities, metered taxis or songthaews – converted pick-ups with rows of seating in the back – are safer ways to get around.

Taxis will normally use their meter; if not, be sure to agree on a price with them before departing – the same holds true for songthaews and tuk-tuks.  Most drivers will not speak much English, so having your destination written or printed out in Thai will help enormously.  Thai staff at airports and hotels are very helpful in this regard, and will either write out your destination for you, or speak with the driver on your behalf before you embark on your trip.

Thailand has a highly developed infrastructure on the ground, in the air, and on the water.  Familiarizing yourself with all the options will further enhance your trip.  More details on the main modes of transport can be found below.

Trains are an excellent way to get around in Thailand, especially for seniors who may have more time on their hands.

All major car rental companies provide services in Thailand’s major cities.

The vast majority of visitors to Thailand fly into Bangkok’s sparkling new Suvarnabhumi Airport, about a 45-minute drive to most Bangkok destinations.

Boats are an often neglected form of travel in Thailand, much to many a visitor’s loss.