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Cultural / Art & Crafts Class

Thailand has long been synonymous with culture, arts, and crafts.  Much depends on exactly where your interests lie, but it’s safe to say that you can find, see, make, or learn virtually everything arts and crafts-related in Thailand.

Outside of Bangkok, Chiang Mai is probably Thailand’s leading art center, with dozens of galleries, museums, handicraft villages, hilltribe markets, and classes to learn to make most anything, from pottery to tung, northern Thai style temple flags.

Ayuttaya is often overlooked in this regard, but is a wonderful place to explore and learn about the handicraft traditions of the local people, including such novelties as “jingle fish bells”, candy floss bread, artificial flowers, and dolls.  Many items are also sold in Thailand’s many OTOP (One Tambon (district), One Product) shops.

Chon Buri

Traditional Thai Cultural shows Witness the famous performance of Thai history and culture, with re-enactments of historical events, the kingdoms of past kings...

Chon Buri

Pattaya Floating Market was opened to the public in November 2008.The area of Pattaya’s latest attraction, which is situated on almost100.000 square meters...


ALANGKARN Show is located 155 kilometers on Sukhumvit Road Jomtien, Pattaya with an area of 80 rais. The entire project includes prototype Hexa Stage Theatre, Cultural...


Situated just 32 kilometers outside of Bangkok is the popular Rose Garden Aprime Resort or Suan Sam Phran in Thai. Set in 75 acres of landscaped tropical gardens...


Siam Niramit (Siam - the Enchanted Kingdom) is a grandiose tour through Thai culture and history taking its audience back in time to mystical bygone eras. Quite rightly billed...