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Senior Attractions

Most seniors have come to enjoy the finer things in life and with this refinement has come an appreciation of history, culture, religion, and nature. Planning your trip around these four categories only could prove tricky, however, as you’ll need much more time than a week or two to begin to scratch the surface.

Thailand is an ancient kingdom with many marvels awaiting your discovery. Some are in museums, while others are waiting for you in the great outdoors. We’ve compiled a list of both for you below to get you started. After learning about the flora, fauna, history, and religion in the more structured places, we suggest you put on your safari suits and go do a bit of exploring and adventuring on your own.

Seniors will be enthralled with the displays of art, culture, and heritage available for viewing in Thailand.

Thailand is a deeply religious country, with over 90% of its population being Theravada Buddhists.

Arriving in Bangkok, and perhaps flying to Chiang Mai or Phuket, the casual visitor to Thailand may well be unaware that the majority of Thais live in the countryside, and are farmers.

Many seniors will enjoy the numerous and varied educational venues throughout Thailand.