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Diamonds are Forever

Of all the things we humans buy that signify romance, jewelry comes first and foremost in most people’s minds. Jewelry in Thailand is widely available at prices ranging from affordable costume jewelry to extremely expensive heirloom pieces. If you seek precious and semi-precious gems and colored gemstone jewelry, Thailand (and Bangkok in particular) is one of the world's prime markets in the world to buy it.

Thai craftsmen are world-class when it comes to cutting and polishing rough stones for maximum sparkle and beauty. Thailand is also one of the world leaders with regards to heat treated gem stones particularly ruby and sapphire.

If your whim leans towards the gilded, walk around the Yaowarat Chinatown area, where there is a multitude of the iconic gold shops dressed in red.Make sure you shop around before you buy something special for your love; you never know what treasures you will uncover in Thailand.


The family-owned Beauty Gems Group is an award-winning gem and jewellery manufacturer that has grown from a small business founded in 1964...


The von Buerens were among the first foreigners in Bangkok who bulit Classic Thai wooden houses as a homes. The new generation...


Prima Gold strengthened its leading status as the Asia Pacific Region jewelry brand by the most advanced and sophisticated gold production technology...


A Fully Integrated Diamond, Gem and Jewelry Group with a Global Reputation for High Quality, Superior Service and Infinite Resources...


Amorn Gems International Co., Ltd. was established since 1986, it now acts one of the leading manufacturer and Wholesaler of loose sapphires. For over 20 years of Amorn Gems’ experience in sapphire...


Orawan Ingkhasith is one of Thailand’s hottest jewelry designers and her creations are the choice of trendy ladies from Bangkok to Singapore to Dubai. Her Olivia Diamonds boutique at Gaysorn...