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Romance Attractions

When travelling, what constitutes an attraction? Why are people eternally drawn to them? It can be for many reasons (i.e. awe-inspiring, peculiar, historical significance, whimsical, etc.) but one main factor is an inherent sense of romance. People congregate to certain places by the way it makes them feel, and to remind themselves that romance is far from dead.

Some attractions serve as a backdrop, a unique spectacle with a scale that defies comprehension or a monument to human ingenuity and perserverance.Or it may be an exotic setting that manages to give lovers a magical sense, while the whole time feeling at home with each other.Or it may simply be somewhere that inspires you to take in the experience, hold your true love’s hand, and never let it go.

Around every corner, Thailand has interesting and romantic attractions with fascinating stories behind them. There are natural wonders that speak for themselves. There are places that will make you gasp and smile and even laugh. They will transport you to another era, or perhaps one which you assumed only existed in dreams. They are worth a visit, a photo, and a moment of contemplation, to be shared with the one you adore, your soulmate.

The moment one decides to ask someone to share the rest of their lives with them is one of those occasions that becomes a permanent fixture in both memories. Therefore, much thought often goes into selecting the right spot.

While drama may be roughly classified as tragedy or comedy, one element that is rarely missing is that of romance. In Thailand, we have a rich tradition of performance, from classical dance to puppetry.

If Thailand were a person, she would be not only kind and generous (and an excellent cook), she would most definitely also be incredibly beautiful and photogenic.

On a beautiful day, sometimes all you want to do is take your beloved by the hand and go for a walk. 

As true love is a blessing, some believe a blessing can lead to true love. Here in Thailand, we have places dedicated to this ideal.