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Romance Travel in Thailand

Every civilization has its own vision of love and romance.Regarding something so ethereal, none can rightfully claim that their version is the best, but Thailand’s culture of romance is fascinating and alluring.An iconic image of a first romantic encounter (often replayed in television soap operas so integral to many Thais) is of a young couple seeking shelter from the driving rain in a secluded lean-to, perched in the middle of a rice paddy.Mai Muang Doem's classic Thai novel, Plae Kao, has Kwan and Riam as archetypical star crossed-lovers in the tradition of Romeo and Juliet. 

Thailand’s own “Gone with the Wind” type epic is Khu Kam, based on a novel by Thommayanti, which is a love triangle set during World War II and has seen countless adaptations on stage, screen, and television.  Thais even relish love stories that go beyond the grave, with the Mae Nak Phrakhanong ghost story supposedly based on true events.According to this ancient legend, a woman who died during childbirth while her husband was away to war returned as a spirit determined to keep her undying love going, to the downfall of those villagers who tried to warn her unaware husband.

But the reality is that Thailand is a place renowned for its natural splendors, with a welcoming atmosphere that somehow manages to balance the friendly with the exotic.  Thailand is unsurprisingly a popular destination for couples in love.In the Land of Smiles, romance is not a one-note song, it can be at times warm, sexy, poignant or inspiring.And while it is a perfect destination for honeymooners, Thailand offers something for all manner of lovers.

There are lovebirds who decide to combine their wedding and honeymoon, opting for a traditional Thai ceremony performed beachside, or with an elephant procession, husbands and wives looking to enjoy the fruits of their labor with a second honeymoon they have always dreamed of having, or power couples who only have a few days to spare but require time to recharge and reengage with their partners.  Any budget or lifestyle can be attended to with a romantic rendezvous in Thailand.

For couples of alternative lifestyles, Thailand is a hospitable land where travelers see peaceful coexistence between gay, lesbian, and transgender travelers and locals among the general populace, not only in cosmopolitan Bangkok, but throughout every corner of the country.

Part of what makes Thailand so attractive, the meticulous level of service, allows you to focus on what is important: each other.Everything is done to make guests feel completely at ease, accompanied by a warm smile.This is a major reason why Thailand has enjoyed status as one of the world’s best honeymoon destination.

A couple can spend their entire time holed up in a luxurious resort, subsisting solely on room service, with a private swimming pool or a veranda overlooking beaches and emerald blue oceans.They can also seclude themselves high in misty green mountains in cozy bungalows, venturing out for the occasional candlelight dinner under the constellations.

For the restless pairs, there is a wealth of activities and attractions to occupy your days.Go snorkeling or scuba diving in the Andaman Sea, canoe through mangrove-lined lagoons at dusk when fireflies emerge, hike through pristine tropical forests to a secluded waterfall, or see depictions of another ancient love story, the Hindu-inspired epic Ramakien.

Many ancient traditions are grounded in romance.During the Loy Kratong Festival in November, couples release homemade flower-decorated kratongs into waterways, or khom loy flying lanterns into the sky, as an expression of love and for wishes to be granted.There is even a shrine in Bangkok dedicated to a Hindu god that is considered auspicious in the realm of the heart.Making a wish at the Trimurti Shrine is not only lucky for finding new love, but also for couples seeking a blessing for their union.

See the face you love in a different light, return home with wonderful memories, and should you seek an environment to rekindle your undying love, always know that Thailand is ready to welcome you back anytime.You can discover how easy it is to tell your beloved companion “chun rak ter” (I love you) in our blissful Kingdom of romance.

No matter where you go in Thailand, you will find tropical climes, friendly people, incredible service, and mouthwatering delicacies, which are all key ingredients for a perfect romantic getaway.

There is no better way to start your life together or reignite your romantic flame than getting away from it all with your significant other, even if it is just for the weekend.

Whether it is a honeymoon, second honeymoon, a long weekend away from the kids to rekindle the sizzle of your relationship, or a first trip with your lover, where you choose to stay will make a huge difference.

If you ask most expatriates who have fallen in love with Thailand, one of the first reasons they would give as to why they enjoy living here is the food.

Without pointing out the obvious, some of the activities you plan on doing during your romantic getaway, you can do practically anywhere you find a modicum of privacy.

A blessing ceremony will be held before the opening match where monks sprinkle holy water monks sprinkle holy water over both players and animals to ensure a successful tournament.

For couples looking to get away, Thailand offers pockets of seclusion.But for many, the allure of bringing back mementos is often too powerful to resist.

No romantic journey goes exactly according to plan.Sometimes the hiccups along the way become highlights in retrospect.There are ways to make sure that most of your memories are pleasant ones.