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Antiques & Collectibles

Famous for its high-quality artisans, Thailand is the place to buy antiques and collectibles. Buddhism is reflected in many of the goods made here, and so angels, demons and Buddha images are carved and sculpted into many products.

The River City Shopping Complex in Bangkok is perhaps the best place to browse as its floors are filled with stunning antiques. Porcelain, ceramics, and finely-styled wood carvings can all be found here. Just as good is the city’s Oriental Plaza, with its galleries and charming collection of shops. Inside these can be found various antiques and handicrafts.

Outside of the major shops, the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is a wonderful place to browse, and some of the nearby shops specialize in antique and collectible goods. Down in Phuket, Chan’s Antique House has the island’s largest collection, while Ban Boran Antiques is also worth a look.


In 1984, Morakot Gallery has opened the shop which full of special unique products in particular Precious Stones, Thai, Burmese, Chinses Arts...


In 1958, a member of the second generation of my family, my father, Mr. Santi Sivakua, successfully established and managed the company, then called Santi’s Antiques...


The Silom Galleria is known to many as “Art & Craft Center”, as it is home to such a vast array of superb quality artistic and antique pieces. The Silom Galleria is the largest shopping center on Silom road...


I am Somporn Tralkarnboonchai and my friends and business partners around the world call me “Zhu”. I was born into a Chinese family of antique and silver dealers operating in Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam...


Craftmen produce pieces which are a reflection of the past Chinese dynaties. The secret of production was passed down through the families, the process seriously guarded...