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Celebrity Hotspots

Some restaurants just seem to attract the good and the beautiful, and Bangkok is no exception. Sit in some places and you’re likely to be a table away from a TV celeb, actor or singer. Celebs don’t just turn up at to any old haunt though; in Bangkok places have to be stylish and chic if they’re going to attract the truly famous.

Koi, on Sukhumvit in Bangkok, has the kind of subdued lighting that paparazzi can’t snap you in, and its Japanese-cum-Californian cuisine is good enough for the biggest superstar.

The Bed Supperclub is an old favourite for the rich and famous and its Bangkok. Eating there is more of a sensory experience as there will also be dancers, DJs and singers to complete the evening.

At the Minus 5 Absolut Vodka bar in Pattaya, visitors are given a winter coat and gloves before going inside as the walls, furniture and bar are all made of ice. Celebs and models are known to head down from Bangkok to spend their Saturday nights here.


BED SUPPER CLUB is a 'dining in bed' experience. Best described as a unique combination of upscale restaurant, club, art gallery, theatre and stage...


Koi Restaurant Bangkok is a spacious award winning restaurant & Lounge is a member of Koi Group, USA. Koi Group started its first restaurant/Lounge in Los Angeles..


Face Bangkok restaurant has established itself as one of Bangkok's leading dinning Venus, offering Thai, Indian and Japanese cuisine in one of their three restaurants...


Long Table offers a stunning 25th floor view and trend-setting interior featuring the 25m long table and contemporary video art. With a focus not just on food, but the total...


-5° icebar lets chill-seekers experience subzero cool in Pattaya! To enjoy the glacial delights of (minus five) -5° Absolut Vodka icebar, guests are provided with...


Sri panwa's very own Baba Phuket Restaurant presents a stylish menu of contemporary Thai and International cuisine in a relaxed setting of intricate architectural detail and undisturbed...