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Luxury Accommodation

Boutique hotels, beachfront rooms and traditional-style retreats make up some of the best places to rest in Thailand. The kingdom has a great range of choices for where to stay, but the options for top-end places are particularly prolific.

Along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, five-star hotels stand shoulder to shoulder, while away from the capital it’s easy to find quality. Head south and there are many islands and beaches where you can relax on hammocks while waiters bring you your favourite cocktail. Head north and a world of culture awaits, along with beautifully-styled resorts that boast their own spas.

Wherever you go, top quality Thai hotels all come with staff that are welcoming, courteous and eager to please. The blend of traditional and contemporary often comes together seamlessly in Thai resorts, making for spectacular, dynamic and interesting accommodation.

While the best hotels are undoubtedly in Bangkok, some of those in Chiang Mai and the island resort of Phuket are often voted among the best in the world. Such places have a raft of facilities, including restaurants, wireless internet in rooms, and can also arrange the best tours to explore your surroundings.

Mornings spent reading a book in a hammock, afternoons spent splashing about by the corals and evenings sat in a seafood restaurant. That’s the life that most lead when they come to visit Thailand’s incredible beaches.

Maybe the biggest growth in hotels is with boutique resorts; often quiet, quaint spots that are rich in character.

Up high in Thailand’s mist-covered mountains are several luxury resorts. These offer the chance to wake up in complete stillness and listen to nature before embarking on a day of discovery.

One of the real thrills of a trip to Thailand is shopping. Markets, fancy malls and independent stores offer a huge range, from silks to antiques and from jewellery to shoes.

As well as the hectic nature of Thailand’s larger cities and towns, there are plenty of opportunities to kick back, relax and feel like you’re the only one that matters.

Pool villas give guests absolute privacy while offering luxury beachfront living. These villas are growing in popularity, and quality, and make for a viable alternative to the traditional hotel.