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Family Transportation

Thailand has a highly developed infrastructure on the ground, underground, in the air, and on the water.In Thailand, transport is more than simply a means of getting somewhere; it’s a great part of the experience – one your kids will love, and your whole family will enjoy.

You haven’t really been to Thailand unless you’ve taken at least one tuk-tuk ride.  These 3-wheeled gas-propelled contraptions are ubiquitous throughout the country, and are great for getting around shorter distances.Negotiate a price with the driver and off you go: remember 3 fingers means 30 Baht, not 3 Baht!

As most drivers will not speak much English, having your destination written or printed out in Thai will help enormously.Thai staff at airports and hotels are very helpful in this regard, and will either write out your destination in Thai for you, or they will often speak with the driver on your behalf before you embark on your trip.

More details on the main modes of transport can be found below.

Trains are a great way for you and your family to get around Thailand and have an adventure in the process.

All the major global car rental companies have offices in Thailand’s major cities and airports.

The skies of Thailand are busier than ever these days with the addition of more and more low-cost carriers in addition to the national carrier Thai Airways International.

Boats are a very popular and common mode of transport in Thailand.You and your family should make an effort to take advantage of them, especially in Bangkok as you go sightseeing.