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Toy / Game Shops

All the major malls in Thailand’s big cities will have at least one good toy or game shop, often more in the big department stores.Thailand, being a shopper’s paradise, will have stores selling virtually anything you or your children desire.International toy shops are also scattered throughout the country.

What may be even better than the malls and chain stores, though, are all the night markets, OTOP (One Tambon (District) One Product) shops with excellent local products, and arts and crafts villages throughout Thailand. 

The Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is an excellent place to shop for kids’ gifts, games, and souvenirs, as is Chatuchak Market in Bangkok.In Nong Khai on the Lao border, the Tha Sadet Indochina Market has various and sundry items to please the little tikes as well.


For Kids is established in September, 1997. It is our goal to offer parents with quality educational toys so that they can foster learning experience in their children...


Sold airplane models and car models for collections by collectors...


Mo Kit, The Secret Of Model Kit Art, a large model shop opened more than 12 years in Bangkok...


The show room show kind of doll Grade A, a quality import product...


Our products, which include children’s clothes, toys gifts and general decoration, have been very popular....


Bangkok Toys International was established in May 23, 1991 with registered capital of 10 million baht. With more than 15 years of experience in the plush doll industry, Bangkok Toys...