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Wildlife & Zoos

Wildlife lovers may want to double their time in Thailand, if possible.Families with kids who love animals – and what kids don’t? – will be in heaven.And even committed metropolitans will love many of Thailand’s zoos, wildlife parks, and conservation centers.

The classic Dusit Zoo in Bangkok is a great starting point, as you and your family adapt to Thailand, and get ready to venture abroad.This is a great place to relax, view the animals, and have a picnic.You may want to pop over to Siam Ocean World at the Siam Paragon Centre before leaving Bangkok.

There are probably two must-visits: Khao Kheow Open Zoo near Pattaya, where your whole family can get up close and personal with the animals; and the Chiang Mai Zoo, if only to see the giant pandas currently residing their with their baby Lin Ping.In addition to the other sites listed below, the Nakhon Ratchisama (Korat) Zoo and the Songkhla Zoo are real stand-outs.