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Budget Transportation

Thailand, with its highly developed and diverse infrastructure, offers many options for the budget traveler to get around.From budget airlines, to cheap trains, to even cheaper buses, you will be able to make substantial savings by choosing your transport options wisely.

From Bangkok’s excellent mass transit both above and below the ground, to songthaews (converted passenger pickups) in every Thai city, there is rarely a reason to splurge on more expensive taxis most of the time, although even they are much cheaper in Thailand than most other countries.

Sharing taxis, minivans, or rental cars with a group of friends can be a convenient and economical way to get around from time to time as well.Thailand has an excellent network of traveler centers and hostels where friends are easy to make, who will also be looking to save by traveling in groups.  Check the notice boards in the places.

Many Thai cities also still have samlors – three-wheeled pedicabs – plying their trade.  Though it might take some getting used to, the strong, wiry, older men who usually pedal these contraptions nonetheless appreciate your trade.  Barring that, the cheapest and healthiest option is simply to use your legs and feet, and hoof it to your destination whenever possible.

More details on the main modes of transport can be found below.

If you’re really serious about trimming your budget, join the millions of Thais who takes buses whenever they want to go somewhere.

A step up from buses for many people, yet still a very thrifty means of transport, trains are a classic way to travel, and Thailand’s train system is well-developed and extensive.

Sadly, boats are an often overlooked travel option, since they are great fun, excellent for sightseeing, and often surprisingly reasonable price-wise.

In some cases, you’ll find budget airlines offering fares you can hardly believe, sometimes on par with trains or even buses.