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Weird Bar

Visitors to Thailand may find some of the local watering holes a tad on the strange, bizarre, or even weird side, which only adds to the fun after a few drinks. In fact, it wouldn’t hurt to have a designated chaperone, or teetotaler, along to keep an eye on things in some of the more far out drinking establishments.

Some of these places have unusual locations, such as ledges with sheer drops only feet away; or tables surrounded by water, where knowing how to swim may come in handy.Others may be serving snacks you probably wouldn’t even consider eating when sober: beetles, crickets, grasshoppers, and larvae come to mind.While still others may blur the traditional dichotomies between the sexes, creatively constructing new avatars or genders.Chances are you’ll never be bored in these places.


A New trendy bar on Khoa-San Road which operated under corporate brand “Buddy Group”. It decorated in an old Western tone which can hold approximately 1,200 persons...


All Gazebo's information, events, comments and photos are ON OUR FACEBOOK page. Please visit the facebook page to SEE EVERYTHING ABOUT GAZEBO!!! See recent photos - find out what's happening!!...



Address: 2nd floor of Khao San Centre, Khao San Road
Tel: +66 2282 4366


Silk Bar another trendy destination for those who long for go place and trendy people. Located on Khaosarn Road, Silk Bar best service to both Thai and foreigners. A very good place...