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Take Away

Many travelers, feeling tired after a long day’s sightseeing, simply jetlagged, or maybe just lazy and not feeling like getting dressed up and going out will be pleased to know that take away orders are very common and popular in Thailand. Due to the large expat populations in the larger cities, there are also many Western food take away restaurants available as well, many who will deliver directly to your hotel, villa, bungalow, or home.

Budget travelers will want to look for special coupon books, restaurant directories, and special listings at their hotels or major tourist centers. Almost all publications will have special offers that you can call in, and even if take away is not listed, many places will be happy to send someone to deliver your order to you for a nominal fee.


Welcome to McDonald's like you've never seen it before.Things have been changing at McDonald's.From our restaurants to our company...


Wrap-It has successfully been introduced in Thailand since 1996 and has long been recognized as the leader in the market of quality sandwich wraps...


Nick the PIZZA has been serving the tastiest pizza in pattaya since 2005. Located on Soi Bongkot 2, in South Pattaya, we offer a wide variety of menu items from pizza to hamburgers, pies, fries, curries...