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24-Hour Restaurant

Thais love to eat – period.  Anytime, anywhere, and almost anything.Westerners typically prefer breakfast food – like bacon and eggs, toast, oatmeal, etc. – in the morning, and there are customary foods and meals for lunch and dinner also.Thus it takes some getting used to if you’re traveling in the country, and you’re invited to eat fried fish with chilies and fish sauce, and a hot and spicy soup first thing in the morning.  Mai pen rai as the Thais like to say; never mind, you’ll get used to it – if you stay long enough!

The same holds true for 24-hour restaurants, which can be found in many Thai cities.  Whether you’re up late, or out early, it’s good to know there’s someplace open where you can get a burrito or some boiled rice soup.In fact, many local Thai markets start setting up around 4 a.m., and it’s sometimes tricky to tell whose going home at this hour, or just getting up; and the presence of Thais in pajamas only confuses things further.


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Took Lae Dee


Took Lae Dee began on May 8, 1985. The first restaurant was in Foodland Ploenchit.
Tel: +66 2530 0220

Kiss Food and Drink


Address: 216/ 23, Ground Level, Pattaya Bazaar Shopping Mall
Tel: +66 3841 2112-3