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Budget Attractions

Aside from the cheap and free activities mentioned elsewhere on this site, there are countless budget attractions that you can enjoy as well.  Take a break from all the excitement, hustle and bustle, and give your brain a bit of exercise with visits to educational attractions.  Museums are one of the best—and cheapest—attractions you can choose, many of which you may find surprisingly interesting, along with any children who may be accompanying you.

The zoos, museums, and parks of Thailand are often far more fascinating than those back home, with a variety of creatures, as well as people, performing the most curious activities, from ostrich races to early morning aerobics and tai chi to ballroom dancing.  You won’t know what’s really going on in Thailand until you get out and explore some of these lesser-visited venues, with the added bonus of saving loads of Baht.

There are an unlimited number of free attractions to enjoy in Thailand; and many of them are wonderfully entertaining.

Tickets for most attractions, events, museums, palaces, zoos, aquaria, etc., in Thailand are extremely cheap compared to many other countries.

“Other” in Thailand is a fascinating category unto itself, often more of a delight and a surprise for the cost-conscious than the mainstream activities we’ve listed on these pages.