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Outdoor activity and adventure sites

Outdoor activity and adventure sites is a very interesting place in that land bla bla bla

Highlight Attractions in Thailand
Khao Chon Kai Training Camp

Khao Chon Kai Training Camp is the place for field practice of reserve officer training corps students. But when there is no practice program, the camp is opened for visitors to enjoy activities such as jump tower, shoot...

Farm Chokchai

Chokchai Farm is an agro-tourist attraction places. It is situated at Mittaphab – Pak Chong road between kilometer markers number 159-160. Chokchai Farm is actually a dairy farm. It is accepted as one of the bigges...

Bueng Tako

   Water sport lovers should really come to this Tako Pond for the adventurous water skiing and windsurfing. 

Taco Lake

Taco Lake is located in Bang Phli Yai Sub-district, Bang Phli District of Sumut Prakan Province. It is a private lake which serves as a complex for extreme water sports such as wakeboarding, cable skiing and windsurfing....

Wat Sing or Wasan Crocodile Farm

Wat Sing or Wasan Crocodile Farm is located at No. 121, Mu 3, Makham Thao sub-district, on the left side from Mueang Chai Nat district along the Chai Nat - Wat Sing route (Highway 3183) at km 24. There are different kind...