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Other nature sites

Other nature sites is a very interesting place in that land bla bla bla

Highlight Attractions in Thailand
Giant Rain Tree

Hidden inside the Royal Thai Army’s Division of Veterinary and Agriculture is this giant rain tree you might not believe your eyes. A 20-meter-tall single rain tree, aged older than 100 year, features a shady canop...

Pilok Mine

Before 1985, Piloksubdistrict (TambonPitok) was known as one of the largest tin, tungsten and gold mining neighborhood in Thailand. Nowdays, it has become a tourist destination for those who wish to enjoy scenic views of...

Hin Daeng

    Even though it’s  slighty dangerous for the boats to travel through, Hin Daeng is an ideal diving spot thanks to the submerged open-water reef on the outer edge of Andaman Sea that showcases vari...

Ton Pariwat Wildlife Conservation Area

Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Tambon Song Phraek and covers a total area of 40,000 acres of shady trees. It also contains Namtok Ton Pariwat or known among the locals as “Namtok Song Phraek” wh...

Yaring Natural Study Centre

Located near Yamu Canal, opposite to Yaring District Hall, the centre is in Yaring National Forest, with the area of 500 Rai. There is a 1,250 metre wooden bridge as the walkway for natural study of the forest. Along the...