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Other nature sites

Other nature sites is a very interesting place in that land bla bla bla

Highlight Attractions in Thailand
Golden Triangle Park

Golden TriangleThe wonder of Golden Triangle is the visit to 3 countries; Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos, in one place. It is 9 kilometers north of Chiang Saen along the Mekong riverside road. Sop Ruak is the place where Me...

Giant Rain Tree

The giant mimosa or the giant rain tree is one of the most outstanding tourist attractions which is not much far from the center of Kanchanaburi. Tourists will be amazed and fascinated with this gorgeous giant mimosa. M...

Pilok Mine

Many decades ago, people saw Burmese people stole minerals from mines in Pilok Sub-District area and sold to English soldiers. Department of Natural Resources at that time sent officers to explore the area and found that...

Hin Daeng

    Even though it’s  slighty dangerous for the boats to travel through, Hin Daeng is an ideal diving spot thanks to the submerged open-water reef on the outer edge of Andaman Sea that showcases vari...

Farm Chokchai

Chokchai Farm is an agro-tourist attraction places. It is situated at Mittaphab – Pak Chong road between kilometer markers number 159-160. Chokchai Farm is actually a dairy farm. It is accepted as one of the bigges...