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Thailand features numerous caves, many of which are considered holy places both in legend and by monks who often use them as places for Buddhist meditation. Consequently, it’s not uncommon for temples to be located near impressive caves or for Buddhist statuary to be installed within them. Furthermore, Thailand’s caves feature some spectacular natural rock formations, including stalactites and stalagmites, as well as pre-historic cave paintings from ancient peoples who once resided in Thailand.

Highlight Attractions in Thailand
Tham Kaeo Sawan Bandan

It is a complex of caves located in ThamKaeoSawanBandan Meditation Centre. Each cave has a specific name based on their characteristics; such as ThamBadan with knee-leveled water, Tham Phopu Ruesi, Tham Kaeo Morakot, Tha...

Tham Than Lot National Park

Commonly known among locals at Tham Than Lot Nation Park, this 54-square-kilometre national park embraces verdant forest, rare wildlife animals, waterfalls, and several caves including main attractions such as Than Lot N...

Tham Suea Khao Kaeo Ao Luk Thanu

    Located in front of Luk Thanu Bay Range, ‘Tham Suea’ or tiger cave gets its name for many incidents including a rock looking like tiger paws and real tigers that once wandered here. The cave it...

Tham Chao Le

    Located in the west of Laem Sak, at a bay surrounded by mountains and picturesque islands, this beautiful cave is adorned with stalactites and stalagmites as well as prehistoric cave paintings of people, an...

Tham Lot

Tham Lot is a huge cave system once a dwelling place of pre-historic man. Archaeologists have discovered ancient clay pottery and a number of carved wooden coffins inside the rooms of the cave. Tham Lot is located some 7...