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Wichayen House
Wichayen House


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Wednesday - Sunday

Operating time: 07.00 - 17.00

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    located on Wichayen Road, 300 metres from Prang Khaek to the north of Phra Narai Ratchaniwet.

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Category : Historical Sites & Monuments, Historical Houses

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Bang Luang Rap Ratchathut (Ban Luang Wichayen), literally the Royal Reception House for Royal Ambassadors, is situated on Wichayen Road 300 metres away from the north of Phra Narai Ratcha Niwet (the King Narai’s Palace). It was built to welcome the first envoys of Louis XIV of France in 1685 (2228 B.E.) and thus given the name by its purpose. Towards the end of King Narai’s reign, this building was a residence to Chao Phraya Wichayen or Constantine Phaulkon and thus given the second name ‘Ban Luang Wichayen’

The building was built of bricks in the renaissance style with firm walls surrounding. The area is divided into 3 sections.

1.West wing - consists of a big two-storied brick building and a long narrow one-storied building with an arch entrance.

2.Central part - now remains an assumed base of the bell tower and a Christian church at the back. The entrance is a gable entryway. In spite of the western floor plan, ‘Sum Ruean Kaeo’ – a Thai decorative framework – and stretched-lotus-petal-shape capitals ‘Bua Yao’ mark this church the first Christian church in the world which was adorned in Buddhist style.

3.East wing - consists of two-storied buildings with curved front stairs and an arch entrance.


Because of a number of buildings, some investigations have been conducted to identify which is a residence to the ambassadors and which is for Chao Phraya Wichayen. According to the floor plan, the Central area and the East wing were built in coherence with each other and the construction was firm and elegant; therefore, should be the reception place for the ambassadors from foreign countries. The church is likely to be a ceremonial hall for Jesuits and missionaries. Meanwhile, the buildings on the west was built in a original European fashion like other residences of Chao Phraya Wichayen, especially the big building on the east side which truly is a mortar work of Renaissance style. This suggests that the west part might once be a residence to Chao Phraya Wichayen.

Bang Luang Rap Ratchathut is open for public 7.00 - 17.00hrs every day. The entrance fee is 10 baht for Thai citizens, 30 baht for foreign visitors. For more information, please contact the Fourth Regional Office of Fine Arts Lopburi 0-3641-2510, 0-3641-3779.


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