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Wat Wang Wiwekaram
Wat Wang Wiwekaram


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Wat Wang Wiwekaram or Wat Luang Po Uttama was built in 1953 by Luang Po Uttama and the villagers both Karen and Mon. This temple is located at Baan Wang Ka Lang, Sangklaburi, Kanchanaburi. It is situated nearby the boundary between Thai and Myanmar. It is 220 kilometers far from Kanchanaburi town. 

At first, this place used to be just a house of priest that got only a monk’s house and a pavilion. And by that time, it was called Wat Luang Po Uttama by the locals. It lies on Sam Prasob hill which is where three rivers, Song Kalia river, Be Kli river, Run Tee river, come across each other. In 1962, it has been authorized by the name of Wat Wang Wiwekaram by Department of Religious Affairs. Wat Wang Wiwekaram was actually named after the old District name, Wang ka- Sangklaburi, which is later became Sangklaburi District in 1965.

The temple is only 6 kilometers far from the center of Sangklaburi. Luang Po Uttama has been highly respected among Thai, Karen and Burmese that live around there. Wat Wang Wiwekaram was built and decorated in Myanmar art styles. The temple nearby the river is where exactly the marble Buddha image named Luang Po Khao placed. If you go a little farther for a kilometer, you will encounter Chedi Buddhagaya which is in a square shape and it is where Buddha’s relic stayed. Also, there are souvenir shops sell stuffs from Myanmar such as handmade silks, Thanaka powder, and wooden materials at bargain prices. 

In February of each year, there will be a birthday celebration for Luang Po Uttama. The festival provides visitors a variety of activity such as religious rite, boxing games, cultural performances, Mon dancing performances, Karen dancing performances, etc. Also, people usually wear Thai Traditional dresses in Mon style to the festival and bring food in order to give food offerings to a Buddhist monk at the temple.  


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