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Wat Tung Sri Muang
Wat Tung Sri Muang

Ubon Ratchathani

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Operating time: 08.30 - 16.30

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    95 Luang Road, Amphoe Muang, Ubon Ratchathani

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Category : Temple

Attraction Details :

It is located in Amphoe Muang, Ubolrachatanee, in the east of Tung Sri Muang, adjacent to Post and Telegraph Department, Municipality Office of Ubolrachatanee, Ubolrachatanee Kindergarten. It is well-renowned among tourists as it possesses a monastery library on the pond, which is a local wisdom in the olden times as it is used to keep texts and important documents.

Places not to miss include

1.Ubosot or the Buddha’s footprint hall

It was sculpted by a Vientian artist Kru Chang as to imitate the Buddha’s footprint in Wat Sakes for Ubolrachatanee’s people. 

2.The Buddha’s footprint imitating that of Wat Sakes

It is 6-meter-wide and 13-meter-long with Thai roof in Vientian style. Later, the land in front of it was heightened as to prevent it from being flooded in rainy season by building glass wall. The hall is two-layered with surrounding 23-meter-wide wall and 32-meter-long wall. Inside the hall is the land piled up by soil from pond in the north as foundation for the footprint. The pond is 13 meter in width, 24 meters in length and 3 meter in depth. (Later, the monastery library is situated in the pond and the pond is called the pond of monastery library or Sra Ho Trai.)

3.The monastery library in the pond

Once excavating the land for building it, it was found that soil is not enough for piling up the library, then the construction team dug for more soil from the pond in the east of the temple, which is called Sra Nong Mak Saew as Mak Saew trees grow abundantly on its side. They dug about 3 meters in width and in length, the same amount of which is that of the pond situating the library. (In the end of Luangphu Wirojrattanobol, the abbess, they laid cement tile flooring in the ground and built glass wall enveloping the arch in the north, the south and the west. The largest wall, later built as the entrance, is situated in the east and in front of the hall.) The library aims at storing Tipitaka or the Buddhist scriptures and local philosophy and many other textbooks.

4.The image of Prachao Yai Srimuang

Once the construction of the preaching hall was completed, the authority replaced the old temple with a health station. As the image in that old temple was also left unattended, the abbess installed the image in Wat Tung Sri Muang.

5.The preaching hall


The temple is situated on the main road in municipality area in front of the city hall. 


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