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Wat Tham Klong Phen
Wat Tham Klong Phen

Nong Bua Lam Phu

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Operating time: 08.00 - 18.00

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    Amphoe Mueang, Nong Bua Lam Phu

    Tel. 0 4281 2812

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Category : Temple

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Located at the foot of Phu Phan Mount, Wat Tham Klong Phen is the province’s famous forest temple.  Without accurate history, the temple was probably built during Khmer era and it has been neglected until 1958.  Luang Pu Khao Ananyo, monk who practiced Wipassana meditation from famous monk Archan Man Phurithatta Thera, has used this venue to practice his meditation. He has covered 3-4 huge rocks with cement roof, making it a very big hall that can accommodate hundreds of people. Luang Pu Khao has practiced meditation here until he has passed away in 1983. Blanketed with lush vegetable and decorated with rock garden, around the temple is very shady and peaceful. The main hall or Ubosot houses statue of Luang Pu Khao and two-sided ancient drum or Klong Phen. In its rock corners, there are many Buddha Statues in different attitudes such as meditation, reclining, and ‘Pattranimitr’ or bas relief of Buddha image in walking attitude. At the front of the hall is a huge statue of a Chinese Monk of good luck. A bit from the temple, a two-kilometre-long road, running through a forest and weird-shaped rocks, leads to the monument of Luang Pu Khao. Around the monument are:

Museum of Luang Pu Khao Ananyo’s utensils. The museum features ashes and utensils of Luang Pu Khao for Buddhist can pay homage.

Old Monastery of Luang Pu Khao. The small wooden hut is situated in the shady forest. The new monastery is a huge house in Thai traditional style.

Luang Pu Khao Wax Museum The architecture, in the shape three rocks sitting next to each other,  blends itself to the surrounding rock garden of the temple. Situated amidst colourful garden and lush green lawn, the museum features wax statue of Luang Pu Khao in sitting posture. His utensils are displayed in the room nearby.

Luang Pu Khao Pagoda Built to house ashes of Luang Pu Khao, the pagoda is situated on rock terrace and can be reached by stair.

Luang Pu Khao Pavillion Rectangular pavilion is built during Luang Pu Khao’s era as a venue for Buddhism rituals. Around the pavilion is calm and shady.

How to get there. From Nong Bua Lam Phu city, travel via highway 210 (Nong Bua Lam Phu -Udon Thani) for 13 kilometres, then turn right and keep going for another 2 kilometres.

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