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Wat Phra Si Iriyabot or Wat Phra Yuen
Wat Phra Si Iriyabot or Wat Phra Yuen

Kamphaeng Phet

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Category : Temple, Historical Sites & Monuments

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Wat Phra Si Iriyabot or Wat Phra Yuen

    It is located in the area of Kham Phaeng Phet’s Historical Park. It was established around B.E. 20-22 (in 1900-2100). It is a large temple and possesses a unique ancient monument-Phra Si Iriyabot Mandapa which was the same shape as that of Wat Phar Chetuphon and Wat Phra Plai Luang in Sukhothai. From the record on silver palm leaves mentions that Phra Maha Munee Rattana Molee ordered to construct and Sadhet Phor Phraya Soy ruled Kham Pheang Phet City at that time.

    Important ancient monuments in the area of Wat Phra Si Iriyabot are as follow:

    Phra Maha Viharn is a large monastery and is situated at the front. Phra Viharn is located on two-layered base of which the lower Pai Tee base is made of laterite and the base is in form of lotus. Around Pra Taksin temple court is surrounded by laterite verandas. Viharn base on the top has front and back balconies. Several monk seats and plaster bases for installing Buddha’s images are also on top.

    Phra Si Iriyabot Mandapa is a large Mandapa with four gable ends, made from laterite and bricks. It is the principal Pagoda which is located in the back of Phra Viharn surrounded by glass bricks. Around the Mandapa are enshrined Buddhist sculptures on four sides which are in manners of standing (Pang Prathan Apai), of walking (Pang Leela), of subduing Mara (Pang Marn Vichai) and of sleeping (Pang Saiyan). At present, there is only the Buddha’s image standing (Pang Prathan Apai) which looks more complete than any other.

    Phra Viharn is located on a large Pai base and made of laterite and the wall base is made in form of lotus around the temple court decorated with laterite verandas.

    The Buddha’s image standing of Pang Prathan Apai looks full with its lip, big tuft and possesses more complete body than any other parts.

    The Buddha’s image walking or Pang Leela is ruined on the body of which the chest is clearly visible.

    The body of the Buddha’s image subduing Mara or Pang Marn Vichia is ruined. Only the base can be clearly seen.

    The Buddha’s image sleeping or Pang Saiyan possesses a ruined body.

    Corner Pagodas are bell-shaped ones, each of which is located on four ends of Mandapa and is connected with glass wall.

    The laterite well is located in the front of the temple. It is a pond for cutting pieces of laterite in many shapes before being used as a material for constructing temples.



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