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Wat Pho Bang Khla
Wat Pho Bang Khla


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    Tambon Ban Mai, Amphoe Mueang, Chachoengsao

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Category : Temple

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Wat Pho Bang Khla

23 kilometres away from Chachoengsao city area, ‘Wat Pho (Pho Temple)’ is said to have been established during 1767 – 1782 (2310-2325 B.E.) in the age of King Taksin Maha Rat in the land of 4.96 hectares. The four-gabled mortar assembly hall shows strong influence of arts of both Ayutthaya and Rattanakosin period, accompanied with its clay ‘Kled Tao’ tiles (turtle scales tiles) roofing and Reclining Buddha inside. The building was renovated and decorated in 1942 (2485 B.E.) by the charitable, with colour tiles roofing, ‘Chofa’ (mythical serpent Naga head sculpture) roof decoration, ‘Bai Raka’ (blade-like edge decoration), a bargeboard of Indra on the three-headed Airavata with a floral pattern on the West tympanum, and the entrance tympanum of five lotuses sculpture. Although the roof later collapsed, the structure was repaired again in 1998 (2541 B.E.) by supports from Amphoe officials and the people of Bang Khla. The superstructure was reinforced with columns added to eight sides of the structure. More reconstruction was also made, including internal mortar walls, ceiling, lanterns, new marble floor, laterite path, and some more decoration on bargeboards.


Apart from the exotic architecture, the temple’s greenery is also well-known as a habitat to Lyle’s flying fox, the biggest bat species in the world whose name is derived from its fox-like appearance – big eyes, small ears and nose, and reddish brown fur. Its nails are very sharp and strong, suitable for grasping tree branches. The black three-foot wings provide the creature speed and strength in flight. The bat is uniparous and nocturnal; it feeds on fruits and sprouts such as leaves of mango, tamarind, and fig. It is noted that the bats in the temple usually fly east to Thailand-Cambodia border for food. Wat Pho Bang Khla is a stop along Bang Pakong River and accessible by the pier of the temple.

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Take Highway 304 (Chachoengsao – Kabin Buri) for around 17 km. Turn left to Highway 3121. Drive through the town of Bang Khla for around 6 km, past the shrine and the monument of King Taksin the Great, and turn left for around 500 m.

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