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Wat Kham Pramong
Wat Kham Pramong

Sakon Nakhon

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Operating time: 06.00 - 17.00

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Category : Temple

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The development of Wat Kham Pramong

                According to Phra Paponpatchara Jirathammo (Panlop), it began in March 1986 when Luang Ta resided at Than Kham. One day while spending time alone at Wat Santi Karam in Ban Bua village, Sawang subdistrict, Panna Nikhom district, Sakon Nakhon province, he was informed thatthe village headman called Mr. Serm would like to offer a piece of land on behalf of Luang Phu Sim Buddhajaro. Luang Ta then asked Mr. Serm to show him the area, but Luang ta think it was not appropriate to build a temple there because it was located too close to the community area. Therefore, Mr. Serm responsed that he had another piece of land in Don Kham. The journey in that time required a tremendous effort to skirt around a dense forest. Luang Ta added that the land was barely empty – no paved road,electricity or water supply. Don Kham is a deserted and devastated area adjacent to Aun River, but Luang Ta found it perfect to establish a temple. The village headman then offered the total area of 48 Rai on that piece of waste land. The name ‘Don Kham’ was derived from a massive anthill. At an opening ground, Luang Ta came across a stick of wood on which Dham alphabets were written, but he knew neither its meaning nor origin. Currently, that wooden stick had already been damaged by termites. Luang Ta decided to carry an alms-bowl and an umbrella to stay there and practice meditation alone. At night Luang Ta slept in his tent-umbrella. That piece of land was in a completely ruined condition that villagers could not cultivate any crops. Even Mr. Serm who made several attempts to do rice farming also experience recurring failures. Although Luang Ta realized how useless the area was and understood why it was given away, he insisted that he likes it. In March 1986, Mr. Serm (the village headman) said a prayer to confirm his willingness to offer the land, so Luang Ta invited a number of monksto witness. The land was given to Lunag ta and Luang Phu Sim who then could not attend the ceremony because he resided at Tham Pha Pong.

                At Wat Kham Pramong, visitors can find Arokaya Sala (Thai Herbal Nursing Home) that provides natural treatments and Dhamma healing until symptoms ease or completely recover.


                Arokaya Sala, Wat Kham Pramong, Sawang subdistrict, Panna Nikhom district, Sakon Nakhon province is referred to the venue that treats cancer patients with holistic nursing, i.e. an integration of traditional Thai medicine (herbs), conventional medicine, Chinese treatment (acupuncture), meditation therapy, music therapy, Dhamma therapy, Mantra therapy and healthy food. 

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