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Wat Ban Phran
Wat Ban Phran

Ang Thong

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Operating time: 08.00 - 05.00

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    Ban Phran, Mu 1, Tambon Si Phran, Amphoe Sawaeng Ha, Ang Thong

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Category : Temple

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Wat Ban Phran

Is located in Tambon Sriphran.  Take Pho Thong Sawaeng Ha route (Highway No. 3054) Km 21-22. It is unknown when this ancient temple was built.  Regarding to Luangpu Chaimongkons (from Ayutthaya) narration, a couple called Mr. Phan and Mrs. Ngoen and their son, Mr. Krapukthong constructed Wat Ban Phran at the end of Sukhothai era during 1319-1327.  After that, this temple was deserted and was overspread with thick weeds and trees for over 100 years.  When hunters set up small village in this area, they helped renovate this temple.  There is a legend saying that the laterite Buddha image called Luangpho Kraithong enshrined in this wihan was built by King Sri Intharathit in Sukhothai and removed into separated parts for assembly again as the principal Buddha image in Wat Ban Phran.  Since the founder would like to build his own principal image, he constructed wihan to house the Buddha image called Luangpho Kraithong.  Krai represents the robe, and shoulder clothes of Luangpho Kraithong.  Some fine days at midnight, Krai will turn into sparkling light indicating good luck for those who happen to see.  It is believed to be a sacred one being able to protect the worshippers from danger.

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