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Thai Soang village
Thai Soang village

Nakhon Pathom

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Sunday - Saturday

Operating time: 09.00 - 17.00

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    Thai Soang village Thai Soang village

    Ban Ko Rad, Tambon Bang Pla, Amphoe Bang Len, Nakhon Pathom

    Tel. 66 34 752 847-8

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Category : Village, Community

Attraction Details :

Situated at Bang Pla sub-district, Bang Len district, Nakhon Pathom province, Tai Song village is a place where Tai Song people, also known as Tai Song Dam or Black Tai (Tai Dam), live. They migrated to Thailand in Thonburi era in 1763. At the beginning, Black Tai people lived in Ban Nong Prong, Khao Yoi sub-district, Phetburi province and then moved to other provinces such as Nakhon Pathom, Ratchaburi, Kanchanaburi, Suphanburi, Sukhothai, Loei, Pichit and Phitsanulok. They have their own unique way of life and tradition.

Generally, Black Tai people usually wear black or dark indigo blue clothes. In the past, Black Tai men did not wear a top but would wear only a pair of short pants (“suang kom”) and gird their waists with a piece of cloth or an embroidered bag in which they would put tobacco. When out working, they wore a long-sleeved top (“suea kom chai”) and pants (“suang kom chai”). A long-sleeved top or “suea hi chai” (“hi” means “long”) was only worn for ceremonies or important rituals. “A watermelon-striped skirt” represents the outstanding identity of Black Tai women. The skirt is black with white or light blue vertical stripes. A skirt consists of three parts: the head, the body and the foot. Black Tai women’s hair is usually 1-meter long in order to tie their hair up into a knot on top of her head, hide the tail into the knot, and fasten it with a stick or a hairpin. 

In the past, Black Tai houses or “huean song” were made of bamboo or rattan with a turtle-shell-shaped roof thatched with long cogon grass reaching to the ground. The floor and walls of a Black Tai house are made from strips of split bamboo.  The floor of the house is above the ground so that the area beneath can be used as a working area during the day. 

Black Thai people also have their outstanding characteristics; they are peaceful, honest, patient, fun-loving, living together in perfect harmony.

In the village, you can learn more about handicraft. For example, learn how to weave and how to use basketworks. Tai Song village celebrates the Songkran festival every year on April, 14. In addition, here you can purchase OTOP products of Tai Song village (one tambon , one product (tambon means sub-district)), e.g. cloth, coarse rice, rolled wafer, sweet banana crisp.

For more information, please contact Kamnan Phaisan Phetrun (Kamnan means sub-district headman) or Phu Yai Ban Ruean (Phu Yai Ban means village headman) on 081 803 1792


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