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Sunflower Fields
Sunflower Fields


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         When it comes to the ending of the rainy season and the beginning of the winter between November – December every year, it is the tourism prime time to visit the sunflower field in Saraburi province. Both sides of the road will be painted in yellow from the sunflowers and becomes remarkable for those who pass by. Therefore, it has become the important tourist attraction of the province. Every year Saraburi province holds the sunflower festival in every subdistrict or area so tourists can visit, take photos and gain tips of how to plant and take care of the sunflower. They also provides knowledge about how to make the consumer goods from the sunflower seeds such as grilled sunflower seeds from the field or the sunflower honey as a souvenir. Saraburi province has over million square meters of sunflower fields. Between Lopburi and Saraburi provinces along Pattana Nikom – Wang Muang road, there are many sunflower fields including those in Saraburi province such as Phra Phuttabart Kengkoi subdistrict, Nhong Don, Nhong Kae and Muak Lek. However, Wang Muang subdistrict owns the biggest area.

 Tourists can plan their visit to Saraburi’s sunflower field at anytime by selecting the area they want to visit. 

        In each area, there are different beauty and activities. Those who love driving along the sunflower field in the midst of hills, grass field, horse farm, milk-cow farm and vineyard are recommended to visit Wang Muang and Muak Lek subdistricts. The atmosphere in these two subdistricts is best for family trip which includes driving, seeing the scenery and nature, feeling the chilling windblown through hills, taking photos with the sunflower and staying at the resort. 

        The sunflower in these two districts will be fully bloomed during December to January while it will be sparsely bloomed during the other time.

For those who love seeing the sunflower field in the valley as a family rally, it is recommended to visit Hin Sorn and Tha Kloh subdistricts of Keng Koi district. The sunflowers will be fully bloomed during November – December which is best for rally style tourism. In Keng Koi district, the sunflower fields cover over 32,000,000 square meters. Tourists who wish to take the train through the sunflower are suggested to select Krung Thep – Nhong Kai route. 

         When the train enters Tha Kloh and Hin Sorn subdistricts of Keng Koi district, the sunflower fields can be seen on both sides. The bright yellow sunflowers are outstanding in the cold wind. Taking the train through the sunflower fields during middle – late December will not be disappointing.

The areas in Saraburi where there are sunflowers fields are:

- Khaodin Pattana subdistrict, Chalermprakiat district

- Nayao subdistrict, Phra Phutthabart district

- Hin Sorn subdistrict, Keng Koi district

- Salangpan subdistrict, Wang Muang district

- Baan Kluai subdistrict, Nhong Don district

- Mitthraparbsubdistrict, Muak Lek district

You can check the best time to see the sunflower fields at Saraburi province website.

Apart from seeing the sunflower fields, tourists can pay respect to Phra Phuttabart (Buddha’s footprint) and Phra Phuttachai, visit the cave, the waterfall and the vineyard, sip the wine and try the juicy steak by following these routes:

Route 1: Bangkok – Saraburi – pay respect to the golden Buddha’s Image at Wat Phayao – visit sunflower field (Chalerm Prakiet and Phra Phutthabart subdistricts) – pay respect to the Buddha’s footprint at Wat Phra Phutthabart – visit the bee farm at Pattana Nikom subdistrict – Lopburi province – visit Chonlasit dam

        Route 2: Bangkok – Saraburi – sunflower field (keng Koi, Muak Lek and Wang Muang subdistricts) – visit vineyard – visit the tree tunnel – visit Chonlasit dam – visit the bee farm

Another popular way is taking the train. The train leaves Hua Lumpong station every day. For more information, please contact State Railway of Thailand Tel. 1690. The train runs through the water reservoirs of Chonlasit dam. 

        Some trains stop at Chonlasit dam so tourists can take photos. For more information, please visit 


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