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Satun Central Mosque or Mambang Mosque
Satun Central Mosque or Mambang Mosque


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Operating time: 09.00 - 16.00

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    Satun Central Mosque or Mambang Mosque Satun Central Mosque or Mambang Mosque

    Phiman, Mueang Satun, Satun 91000, Thailand; On the corner of Buri Wanit Road and Satun Thani Road

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Category : Mosque

Attraction Details :

Masjid Mambang was originally called “Masjid Tehngah” or “Masjid Akibee”. It is located on Satulthanee Road with the back on Buriwanich Road. It is in the market area of the Satul municipality district, Amphur Muang, Satul.

This masjid was built in the reign of Phraya Apainurat (Ton Kumuhamad Ageb), the Satul ruler, who consulted with Wan Oman Binwan Sadee and the government officials before building it up. The architecture of this project was from Malaka and the fund for building this masjid was from the selling of Mad Ship (Tee Mao Sudah) at Saiburi. On the way back, they bought bricks, tiles and other equipments for building the masjid. It took years to build. In 1974, it was rebuilt again and opened again on 20 September 1979 by King Rama V.

Masjid Mambang is the center of the performing Islamic ceremony every Friday according to the Islamic religion.  In the ancient time, there is a high tower in the masjid called “Nimarn” meaning the location to see the fire. Then, this tower turned to be the signature of this masjid. It was a place to call the Muslim to come worship the Allah.

The architectural style of Masjid Mambang was built in 1 dome similar to a lotus or “ship” in the Thai chess game. The tip of the dome has the signature of a star and a half moon which shows the signature of the Islamic Religion. On the foundation is supported by 3 levels of concretes. On the 1st floor, it is used as a meeting room and library. On the 2nd floor, it is used to worship the Allah. The floor was built with polished stone. The wall was built with plaster work alternating with brown brick and decorated with coated tile. The roof of the masjid uses concrete with earthenware.

If the tourists wish to travel here, take the Sai Ek Road, Satulthanee Road, then you will see an outstanding golden dome in the middle of the city.

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How to get there :

By Car

On the corner of Buri Wanit Road and Satun Thani Road.

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