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Samchuk Market
Samchuk Market


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Monday - Sunday

Operating time: 08.00 - 16.00

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Category : Local Market, Floating Market, Historical Houses, Museums

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This Chinese community and old-fashioned market is located near Ta Chin River in Samchuk district in Suphanburi province. It is a major Thai market with over 100 years of history. Later, the road traffic has replaced river-based transportation decreasing the role of Samchuk Market. Local residents, shopkeepers and teachers then formed Samchuk Revitalization community encouraging Samchuk Market’s revitalization resulting in cultural tourism. Due to its distinctive touristic conservation introducing local daily routine and history of the community to revitalize the market, Samchuk Market is then announced 100 year Market for cultural heritage conservation.

The highlight of Samchuk Market lies in the classic wooden townhouses of both one storey and two storeys with 19 old style architecture described in Thai as Khanompang Khing (ginger bread) style.

Other activities include shopping and food tasting; one interesting shop at the market is Coke Hose where various Coke collections are stored. The entrance fee is 5 baht per person. Other shops include Kokae Shop selling souvenirs, hats, shirts and many cool things and Mahasanook shop selling ancient toys.

Other highlights include the museum with 3-storey laced wooden building of Khun Chumnong Jeenarak, a tax collector, which is given for displaying photo collection of people in those periods. At the ancient-style photo shop, you can even have your pictures taken with a camera aged over 100 years old. Herbal medicine shop is also equally fascinating.

Several traditional foods are available at the market including over 70-year homemade noodle, Samchuk rice served in banana leaves, Samchuk’s Nisa giant meatballs, steamed fish with curry paste, steamed Krai fish with fresh curry paste baked in clay pot, Grandma’s stew offering from salted egg stew, crab stew, salted crab stew and mackerel fish stew, grilled duck restaurant “Ja Cherd’s Grilled Duck” selling grilled ducks, pot-stewed ducks, tripe and many more souvenirs including mackerel wrapped in leaves, Chinese pears from Suphan, dried fish and Mae Kim Lung’s curry paste.

Samchuk Market offers facilities for senior visitors such as equal paved road with no different floor levels. As for shops, visitors with wheelchair might need to be lifted into the shop. There are also toilets available for seniors and visitors with disability near the parking lot.   

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