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The Phimai Historical Park
The Phimai Historical Park

Nakhon Ratchasima

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Category : Historical Sites & Monuments

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The Phimai Historical Park

The park is located at the eastern of the Mun river, on the area of 115 Rais with its rectangle shape which is 565 meters wide and 1,030 meters long. The special feature of park is that the Prasart(castle) faces the south while other castle are usually built facing the east, it is presumed, so that the castle faces the route leading from Yasothrapura city which was the capital city of Khmer, at that time.


Phimai city was built according to the arts of Khmer or Cambodia which is a square city called Phimai. The word is supposed to be derived from the word Wimai or Wimayapura which happened on the Khmer stone inscription on the piece of stone on the door frame of the front porch of the castle. According to the evidence from the inscription and the arts, the castle might be built in the era of Prince Suriyaworaman I dating back to the 16th Buddhist Century as worship place in Bramanism. The arts is that of Bapawon combined with that of Angkor Wat which means that this castle was adapted from the worship place in Buddhism in the era of Prince Chaiworaman VII.

When the influence of Khmer culture declined after the era of Chaiworaman VII and the foundation of Sukothai kingdom later, Phimai city was no longer important and disappeared at last since there is no evidence about Phimai city in Sukothai era.

In 2479 B.E., the Fine Arts Department announced the archeological site of Thailand and the Phimai historical park on the 12th of April, 2532 B.E. taking the period of 13 years for renovation. The Fine Arts Department has corporate with France from 2519-2532 B.E. At that time, Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn was the presiding over the opening ceremony of the historical park.

The interesting historical sites among the Phimai historical park consists of the pavilion, Naka bridge, the arch and glass wall, the terrace, the arch and the porch, the presiding castle, the red stone pagoda, Brahman hall, Phromatat Pagoda, Bannalai.


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How to get there :

By Car

From Nakhon Ratchasima, take Highway No. 2 for 50 kilometers, then turn on Highway No. 206 and proceed for 10 kilometers.

By Bus

Taking a bus from Nakhon Ratchasima, visitors can take a bus from Bus Terminal 2 in the city.

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