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Khorat Fossil Museum
Khorat Fossil Museum

Nakhon Ratchasima

Operating day:

Tuesday - Sunday

Operating time: 09.00 - 16.00

Contact Details

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    184 Moo.7, Baan Kroke Duen Ha, Suranaree Sub-district, Muang Nakhonratchasima District, Nakhonratchasima, 30000.

    Tel. +66 4421 6617

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Category : Museums

Attraction Details :

Khorat Fossil Museum is located at Baan Kroke Duen Ha, Suranaree Sub-district, Muang Nakhonratchasima District, Nakhonratchasima. It lies on 320 acres land. The museum was officially open on October 29th, 2008. Queen Sirindhorn was the president of an opening ceremony. The museum is the very first fossil museum of Thailand. And, it is the one out of seven fossil museum in the world. The museum has been separated into three zones as follows:

1. Khorat Fossil Museum – contains fossils which are 800,000 – 330 million years old and diamond fossils.

2. Ancient Elephant Museum – exhibits fossils of ancient elephants in variety breeds.

3. Dinosaur Museum – exhibits dinosaur body organs for both omnivore and carnivore dinosaurs.

History of these three museums:

1. Khorat Fossil Museum was firstly started constructing since 1994 but it was officially opened in 2008. We can found fossils in every single province of north eastern part of Thailand and it is impossible for the officers to put all of them into the museum. This is why the officers only select some of them to exhibit in the museum and these fossils are the most outstanding one of each province. The highlight of the museum is of course a fossil from Nakhonratchasima. The examples of fossils show in this museum are diamond fossils, palm fossils, etc.

2. Ancient Elephant Museum was initiated due to the fact that there are tons of ancient elephant fossils in Nakhonratchasima. The explorer found it 5-40 deep down nearby Moon River and Sakha River. The area lies across many districts such as Chaloemphrakiat district, Noan Soong district, Chakkarat district, Pimai district, and Muang Nakhonratchasima district. It is surprised that we have found 8 out of 42 types of fossils from all over the world here at Tha Chang district and they are 16-0.8 years old. 

3. Dinosaur Museum was initiated due to the exploration of dinosaur fossils in the area of Khoak Kruad district and Suranaree district. Dinosaur fossils were scattered all over the nearby area in the length of 80,000 acres. It can be indicated as four types: 1. Alosaur: omnivore dinosaur which was expected to be 10 meters high. 2.Soropot: omnivore dinosaur which was expected to be at least 15 meters high. 3.Iguanodon: omnivore dinosaur which had pretty similar teeth as iguana. 4.Hadrosaur: dinosaur that had lived 100 million years ago.


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For further information, please contact: Muang Nakhonratchasima District, Nakhonratchasima at 184, Mitraphab – Nhong Ping, Moo.7 Baan Kroke Duen Ha, Suranaree Sub-district, Muang Nakhonratchasima District, Nakhonratchasima, 30000. Tel. 044-370739-41 fax: 044-3707421 or (Tour groups must be contacted the officers in advance.)

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