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Namtok Chet Sao Noi National Park
Namtok Chet Sao Noi National Park


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Category : Waterfalls , National Parks & Marine Reserves

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Namtok Chet Sao Noi is a small waterfall in Muak Lek sub-district of Saraburi and Pak Chong district of Nakhon Ratchasima. It situated within the plantation plot no. 1 of Tab Kwang-Muag Lek National Reserved Forest and Dong Payayen National Reserved Forest on the same route as Namtok Muak Lek. It is 9 kilometers paved road. The Royal Forest Department declared this forest park on May 21, 1980. The most area of Namtok Chet Sao Noi National Park is ruggedly mountainous alternate with the plateau. The area is rather dry with the shallow soil surface. Around the bottom of the mountain in the east and north, the stream flows all year round and runs through Pa Sak River in Wang Maung district. There are small creeks running through the central rea such as Huai Lang whose stream only flows during the rainy season. Most condition of the forest is man-made forest because the area was destroyed in the past and needed to be restored. Some area is located in Lang Khao-Tarahad area. Saraburi province and certain forests according to the forest plantation project in honor of His Majesty the King’s 50 years of reign are considered natural recovery. The forest is a tropical rain forest only found near Lek creek and around mixed forest in the central area. Most of the forest is naturally grown.

Muak Lek stream flows all year round with the distance of 5 kilometers full of insels. There is also Sub Haew Waterfall. Follow the highway 2273 at the intersection to Pongkengket in Muak Lek district and turn right for 5 kilometers. You will see Sun Haew village M.5 before drive past over 1,800 fields of sunflowers. Sub Haew Waterfall is 30 meters high. It is about 800 meters from the entrance to the waterfall. The fall is a 30-meter-high cliff surrounded by mountains with a big swimming-area swamp. On the right, you can visit a small cave with stalagmites; to travel inside, it is not smooth entrance.

Other highlights include the popular Chet Sao Noi Waterfall. The waterfall flows along a stream and has 7 tiers. The height of each tier is approximately 2-5 meters, with spacious, shaded swimming areas available underneath. The most beautiful level is on the 4th. The perfect time to visit this beautiful waterfall is during November-April because the water is clear and safe. The stream is flowing all year round with the distance of approximately 15 kilometers.

Another highlight is Dao Khao Kaew Cave located at Phayaklang sub-district. It is 38 kilometers away fro Muak Lek district or 75 kilometers away from Muang district. It is on the same route to Chet Sao Noi Waterfall, just another 30 kilometers more. There are signs along the way. From the highway 2224, there is a crossroad, turn left to laterite road for another 5 kilometers. Visitors have to climb up the hill to reach the cave entrance for 100 meters. The nique feature of the cave is that there are red, black and brown spots at the cave’s ceiling with the stalagmites and numerous bats.

Namtok Chet Sao Noi National Park does not provide accommodation. If you would like to visit and stay overnight, you have to bring your own tents. For more information, please contact Namtok Chet Sao Noi National Park tourist information center at Moo 9 Ban Kaeng Lu Muak Lek Sub-District, Muak Lek district, Saraburi 18180. Tel. 0 3634 4416 Fax: 0 3634 4416 Email: 

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Take the Muak Lek route on Highway No. 2224. Along the route to the waterfall lies a brook, as well as, many private resorts.

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