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Sema ancient remains
Sema ancient remains

Nakhon Ratchasima

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    Tambon Sema, Amphoe Sung Noen, Nakhon Ratchasima

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Category : Historical Sites & Monuments

Attraction Details :

Sema is one of the most well-known cities in Nakhonratchasima province. It is an ancient community before Nakhonratchasima. The history of this city can be divided by 2 parts.

The first part is Tawaravadee. People adapt Buddhism and Bramanism to their daily lives. However, they still remain some ancient belief. For instance, when you bury a dead body, you have to let the person sleep with turning face up and other people have to put some stuff for the dead one. These are pre-historic belief.

The second part is Cambodia. The rulers are Bramanist. However, after 18-19 BC., there was no evidence of human inhabitant. Therefore, it was assumed that there has been no people living in the city at up to now.

This city is an ancient city with moat and city walls. There are 2 city walls. One which has 1,700-metre length is from North to South. The other which has 1,500-metre length is from East to West. In South, there is Pai stream and Takong stream. Takong stream which is far from Pai stream about 3 km. will go to Moon river.

In Sema, it does not have dense forest because people do agriculture here. However, nowadays Sema city which covers area around 2,475 rai was registered as ancient remains. Therefore, villagers cannot occupy this place anymore. 

The evidence found in Sema city can be divided in 2 groups. First is the one in the city. There are 9 ancient remains. Three of them are in the North. Another group is the remains outside the city. There are reclining Buddha in Thammajuksemaram temple and pagoda in Gantao temple. Apart from the pagoda, other remains have been completely restored. About the ancient stuff, there are Wheel of Dhamma, Sema city stone inscription, Bor E Ka stone inscription and Sri Ja Na Sa stone inscription. The last two inscriptions which were created by Ang Sa Tep in B.E.1480 are about King of Sri Ja Na Sa.  Sema inscription which was created in B.E.1514 in King Chaivoraman V’s era is about the power of Cambodia in the past.


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How to get there :

By Car

If you want to come here, this city is far from Nakornratchasima about 37 km. From Soong Neun District market, go across Takong stream. You will see Ban hin which is far from Sema city for 4 km.

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