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Meh Sariang District
Meh Sariang District

Mae Hong Son

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Meh Sariang District


Meh Sariang is an important district of the three southern districts of Meh Hong Sorn. It is a centre of agriculture, commercial affairs, and goods distribution to other  districts. There are valleys in most of Meh Sariang District’s areas and it is also the border to Myanmar, and is the Rest Area of Meh Hong Sorn. 


There are numerous tourist attractions in Meh Sariang, for example,

- Bua Tong Field at Doi Meh Hoh, which is the Tribal Welfare and Development Centre of Meh Hong Sorn. The suitable time to visit is from october to december due to its splendid landscape of mountains and Tree Marigold.

- Wat Pra Taat Jom Morn (Holy Buddha’s relics) is a sacred antique pagoda which has annual festival in july.

- Wat Jong Soong or Wat Uttayarom is a temple that has three ancient pagodas of Mon style.

- Wat Sri Bun Rueng is situated near Wat Jong Soong. It is a beautifully-craved Burmese Buddhist Temple.

- Wat Saen Tong is well-known for its bronze Buddha Image of the Lord Buddha in Chiangsaen style. Moreover, Wat Saen Tong is the place of Sihing Buddha, the Buddha that has been prestigious since the old days.

- Wat Jom Tong is unique with its big Buddha Image situated at the top of a mountain, which serves also as a viewpoint for visitors who wish to admire the beauty of Meh Sariang district.

- Wat Kittiwong is a temple that not only has the Buddha’s relics, but also the old scripture found in Pa Daeng Cave, located on the bank of Salawin River, found in 1968. The scripture mentions about relationships between Lanna and Burma.


Salawin National Park is situated on the bank of Salawin River, Meh Sariang district, which is the border to Myanmar. The National Park is also in the area of Pa Meh Yuam and Pa Salawin, with the area of 720 Square Kilometres. It was declared a national park on 9th november 1994.


Being at the national park, visitors can enjoy the exquisite landscapes of Salawin River and the land of Myanmar. In front of the National Park is a suitable place for staying overnight as it has a beach, in addition, Baan Tha Ta Fang is in its north, which has another beautiful beach called Tan Kaew Beach. Besides its view along the river, there are also valuable national resources such as Teakwood, Leguminosae, Shorea wood and wild animals. The national park provides houses, or visitors can prepare a tent as they do not provide any tents for rent.


To reach the national park, use public bus Meh Sariang-Meh Sam Lab, or simply rent a car from Meh Sariang to Meh Sam Lab which is about 46 kilometres. Then have to continue by renting a boat taken care by villagers from Meh Sam Lab to Salawin River, which takes around half an hour.


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