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Lam Khlong Ngu National Park
Lam Khlong Ngu National Park


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Operating time: 06.00 - 18.00

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Category : National Parks & Marine Reserves

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Forest in Lamklongngu National park is very abundant because this park is a part of Tanaosri Mountain. It is located next to Toongyai Naraesuan National Park, Khaolam National Park, and Khuean Srinagarindra National Park. Therefore, there are biological diversities. This is both recreational and educational center. Moreover, there is the world’s tallest limestone pillar which is the water source of Srinakarin Dam. It is about 62.5 meters high. The water in Srinakarindra Dam is 375,000 rais or 600 square meters. 

The stream that flows windly through the forest and limestone mountain caused big caves. Moreover, the accumulation of limestone dregs became stalagmites, the beautiful sculptures by nature. Therefore, there are many caves in the national park as follow.

Tham Saohin is 6 kilometers from the entrance of Huay Lamklngngu. The interesting point is the big stone pillar situated in the middle of the cave. The pillar is 62.5 meters. It is the tallest pillar in the history. Inside the cave, there are stalagmites in various shapes. This is therefore the marvelous and beautiful cave.

Visitors can visit the cave by boat from Khuan Srinakarindra Dam to the entrance of Huay Klongngu. From there, continue by walking for 6 kilometers or 2 hours to the entrance of the cave. Along the way, you will see waterfalls from Huay Klongngu. If travelling by car, starting from Erawan Waterfall, use Tham Phratad route to Huay Maekamin Waterfall. From there, walk to Putoey Village for one and a half hour. Then, continue walking for 3 hours to the cave. Throughout the way, there are beautiful valleys and cliffs. The cave is suitable for healthy adventure lovers. Preparation and plan is required before visiting. Also the national park officers or local person is needed as a guide. The time available for visiting the stone pillar is only from February to April. In rainy season, the water level in the cave is very high and therefore visiting is not available. There are also other tourist attractions such as Tham Noknang-an, Tham Namtok, and Tham Yai.


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