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Ku Ka Sing
Ku Ka Sing

Roi Et

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    Ku Ka Sing -

    Ban Ku Ka Sing, Tambon Ku Ka Sing, Amphoe Kaset Wisai, Roi Et

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Category : Historical Sites & Monuments

Attraction Details :

It is situated in Wat Burapha Ku Ka Sing, Tambon Ku Ka Sing. It is another huge temple with Khmer-style architecture, comprising three prangs on the same laterite base, and rectangular library buildings in front. All of them are surrounded by a wall, with entrance pavilions known as Gopura at the four directions. Outside is a U-shaped moat surrounding the wall.

The three prangs of the main building are situated on a single base in the north – south direction. They have a square shape, facing east. The central prang is larger than the other two prangs. It has a long antechamber with three entrances at the front and on the two sides. The base of the prang was made of sandstone and carved in various rows and strips of motifs such as lotus petals and the flame-like ‘kanok’ motifs. Inside the inner chamber of the central prang, there is a Siva Lingam, which represents the Supreme God Siva and fertility, according to the beliefs in the Sivaite Sect of Hinduism. Several lintels were also found here. One piece depicts the God Indra on his mount – the Erawan or Airavata elephant – in a stylized arch above the Kala face whose hands hold the garland. There is also a gable depicting the God Indra sitting on his mount, Erawan elephant, amidst the ‘kan khot’ or scroll motif. The other two prangs have the same size and common features, having a sandstone base and brick wall with a single front entrance. There are pedestals of sculptures inside. Considering the art style, architectural plan, as well as archaeological evidence, they show that Ku Ka Sing followed the pattern of the Baphoun style of Khmer art, which is dated around 1017 – 1087 A.D. It was meant to be a shrine dedicated to Siva, one of the supreme gods in Hinduism.

To get there: There are two routes to get there; follow the Roi Et – Kaset Wisai route or Highway No. 214 for 47 km. and continue further on the Kaset Wisai – Suwannaphum route for 10 km. Turn right to Ku Ka Sing for 10 km; or take the Roi Et – Suwannaphum – Surin route (Highway No. 215) and continue onto Highway 214 for 60 km. until reaching Wat Ku Phra Kona. On the opposite side, there is a route to Ku Ka Sing, which is about 18 km. further. 


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