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Khao Rang
Khao Rang


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    Thanon Kho Sim Bi, Tambon Talat Yai, Amphoe Mueang, Phhuket

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Category : Parks & Gardens, Other nature sites, Mountain (Doi)

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Phuket is a tourist attraction that is worth visiting, not only because it has elegant beaches that are internationally renowned, but it also has natural and cultural sources. Phuket is just an island, there is, however, a hill which is stunning and well-known tourist site. It is called “Khao Rang”. It is a low hill in the city of Phuket. In the northwest of Khao Rang, it is able to bring your car up to the peak alongKhoSim Bi Road. You will be able to view angelic scenery of Phuket Island and other further nearby islands clearly in the vertical landscape. Especially during the night, if you look down to the Phuket city, you will see the lights from each house or building sparking beautifully like the heaven that appears on earth. Khao Rang also houses a health and public park that is arranged for people to exercise and take a rest or view scenery which is one of the good choices after all. Moreover, there are restaurants that you can enjoy both food and the wonderful landscape on the Khao Rang which is really worthwhile.

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There are two alternatives to go to Khao Rang. The first alternative is from the intersection in front of the district that heads to Mai Luan Road. When you reach the intersection, there will be a sign that shows you to turn right to Khao Rang. Turn right and go along the hill. At the ascent, there is a small shrine on the leftcalled “Sam Se JuHudChinese shrine”which was built in 2001.People like to pay respect to god at this shrine or make a wish for their luck. If you have time, pay a visit there to worship or make a wish for your own good. At the end of the route, you will reach the destination or the other way to“KhoSim Bi”Road.

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